Rietveld Remote

The Gerrit Rietveld Academie offers an online Preparatory Course. Rietveld Remote is meant for candidates under 26 years of age, that want to apply for the entrance examination for the Foundation Year (the first year of the Bachelor studies of Rietveld Academie).

Rietveld Remote is meant to enhance your portfolio and get you acquainted with assignments just as they are given in our regular Precourse in Amsterdam.

The Rietveld Remote site is presently being improved and will be online again in September 2013. Information on how to apply will be published here as soon as it becomes available.
For information you can mail or the coordinator Karien Wielenga

In Remote small classes (up to 9 students) work online, in a closed system, following the same assignment with the same teacher. Remote students can watch and comment each other’s work all the time. You are taught, guided and commented by Precourse Rietveld teachers.

How does it work

Each week on Monday a new assignment appears in your class. Together with background information and images to support the assignment.

Two times a week, usually on Wednesday and Friday, the teachers login to the site and comment your work. There are private and “public” comments (public means that your class can read the comments too).

One course of 3 weeks costs 275 euro. 

Every 3 weeks you can decide whether or not to take a new3 -week assignment, with a different teacher and subject.

If you sufficiently follow 3 Remote courses you do not have to attend the mandatory consultation with your portfolio. For that consultation candidates normally have to come to the Rietveld Academie to get permission to apply for the entrance examination in 2012. Or they have to send in portfolio’s.

Remote students can apply for the entrance exams directly, if they have proved inRietveld Remote they are motivated and dedicated.

System requirements

A digital camera, preferably with video capability; SDL connection, min. 1 Mb; or at least 256K high-end connection (video and chat); Chrome or Safari. Flashplayer 9 or higher; Quicktime.

For information:

Mail to: of naar coordinator Karien Wielenga

You will be asked to send us a Flickr account with some work and a small motivation in order to get accepted to RR.

If you are accepted you receive details on how to pay the course fee. The course fee has to be paid 10 days before the classes start.

If there are not enough students to start a Remote class we postpone the starting date by one month.

assignment - 6 years ago

the idea of landscape - 6 years ago

landscape - 6 years ago

landscape - 6 years ago


Aldo Kroese
Jeannette van Raaij

A testimony

Here a testimony from a Remote student:


I have completed the distant Rietveld program last year, my reason for choosing it over the regular preparatory year was that I had been following an another study at that time. I also lived in some distance to Amsterdam so travelling was not really a feasible option for me. Online education gives you a very flexible way of working, no attandence is required. You complete the assignments given to you (each week) before the deadline and upload it. Later on the teacher of that assignment and other classmates comment on each others work. Assignments are usually done step by step, so a one whole assignment is for instance divided into 3-parts done in three weeks. And you usually dont know what the teachers want from you for the final step untill the last step begins.

There are of course some drawbacks to online education, first one coming to my mind is you dont get to see the facial expressions or hear the tones when you communicate by typing, that sometimes may cause confusion, but you can always talk to the teachers over the skype by making an appointment.

For me personally, it was really helpful in preparing a portfolio for the admittance exam. I mean I could draw what I've done in the assignments anyway with the skills I had before starting (because you dont learn skills, you just do assignments and get comments), its not the drawings that were helpful. It was the context of the assignments which resulted in me drawing that specific thing. I had the skill to draw what I've drawn but I did not have the idea (for instance) to draw an object and take a picture of it in an environment where it looks as if its part of that environment.