RietveldTV is the monthly TV show of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. It is broadcasted at AT5 (the local Amsterdam channel) and can be seen afterwards on Vimeo.

For every episode, RietveldTV collaborates with graduates who are given 12 minutes time to make RietveldTV their own.

Their assignment: power to the image. The graduates that have been working on the latest episodes of RietveldTV are:

May 2016 - Jeroen Kooijmans

April 2016 - Bonno van Doorn

February 2016 - Christiaan Bastiaans

January 2016 - Jos Houweling

December 2015 - Melanie Bonajo

November 2015 - Maria Barnas

October 2015 - Mie Frederikke Fisher Christensen & Margaux Parillaud

September 2015 - Hugo Rocci

July 2015 - Fashion Department - THE FASHION SHOW

June 2015 - Johannes Schwartz & The Fifty Pelicans

Mei 2015 - Broersen & Lukács

April 2015 - Francesca Buratelli

Maart 2015 - Adam Etmanski&Friends

Februari 2015 - Jan Dietvorst

Januari 2015 - Sema Bekirovic

December 2014 - Olfa Ben Ali

November 2014 - Waynehorse

Every last Saturday and Sunday of the month at 10.40PM, a new episode is broadcasted on AT5.

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