Rietveld TV

Rietveld TV is the innovative Gerrit Rietveld Academie TV programme that is broadcast once a month on Saturday evening at 11.39 PM on AT5. Rietveld TV focuses on both the work and the lives of the present generation of artists. Students and former students talk about their work, their working methods, their habits and their fascinations.

Rietveld TV: every Saturday on AT5 at 11.39 pm
Every first Saturday of the month a première!

Wester Buijsman Jasmin Pe…
Rietveld TV, April - 4 months ago
This episode with: Carina…

RietveldTV, April - 5 months ago
With: Carina Erdmann …
RietveldTV, March - 6 months ago
Verena Michels Vere van H…

Rietveld TV, March +1 images - 6 months ago
Rietveld TV, February 2014 - 7 months ago
Jonas Ohlsson David Wasch…
Episode 53, December 2013 - 9 months ago
This episode with: Toru a…


Rietveld TV offers an entertaining but also informative insight into the fascinating world of the academy, the artist’s studio and the artistic life. The veil is swept aside. What lies behind the artist and his work, and how does the work come into being? Rietveld TV is an authentic self-portrait.

A new edition of Rietveld TV can be seen every first Saturday of the month at 11.39 PM on AT5. The programmes are repeated every Saturday and Sunday evening at 11.39 PM. Rietveld TV is produced by Rogier Roeters.