Gerrit Rietveld Academie

The Gerrit Rietveld Academie is a university of applied sciences for Fine Arts and Design. We offer one Bachelor's degree programme and four Master's programmes. From academic year 2014-2015 the Academie will be offering the Bachelor's degree programme Art & Design (formerly the two programmes Fine Arts and Design). This combination expresses our vision concerning art education in which autonomous and applied art form a single entity. This degree programme has twelve specialisations. All students follow a general first year (the Basic Year) and then choose one of these specialisations for in-depth study in the following three years. The Rietveld Academie also offers a part-time Bachelor's programme. The Basis Year of the part-time Bachelor's programme lasts two years and is followed by three years of in-depth study. Read More

Gerrit Rietveld Academie presents: THE FASHION SHOW 2015
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Graduation Show - 1 2 3 4 5 July 2015
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What if we discovered something – May 22 – 23, 2015
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Fashion Students Gerrit Rietveld Academie launch crowdfund campaign
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From the end of April, eight g…

designLAB at breakout session during What Design Can Do
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8 Cubic Meters by Vincent Knopper
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Rietveld TV by Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács
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Open Call for The One Minutes
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The One Minutes is an organisa…

New RietveldTV by Broersen and Lukács
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Every first Saturday and Sunda…

RietveldTV by Francesca Burattelli, broadcasted on April 11 & 12
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###During Rietveld Uncut in Ma…

Save the Date: Thursday June 11 / The Fashion Show 2015!
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Become a part of THE FASHION SHOW 2015
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Art in Context Call for Applications 2015-2016

Art in Context +1 images - 5 days ago
Art in Context is an extra cur…

Art in Context - 6 days ago

flyer by Gilles de Brock (Sand…

Radio Rietveld - N°2 - 2 weeks ago

Object Oriental Opera - 2 weeks ago

wonder & Wander +15 images - 1 month ago

Andreas Albrectsen – Beeldende Kunst 2011

Paul Bernhard – Grafisch Ontwerpen 2014

Julie Hénealt – Grafisch Ontwerpen 2014

Agnieszka Zimolag – Grafisch Ontwerpen 2014

Sebastian Ly Serena – Grafisch Ontwerpen 2014
Sunghun Kim – Beeldende Kunst 2014
"032", 2014 live performance, …

Babak Andishmand – VAV 2009

Sabo Day – Grafisch Ontwerpen 2014